Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on October 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Not everything in life needs too much learning
There wasn’t time to do the work in school
While all her friends were studying and earning
She chose to life her life a lazy fool
With long blonde hair and legs  she knew that riches
Were easy bought with just a little love
You soon end up in front of all the bitches
If you’re prepare to offer fate a shove

Sometimes the price just keeps on getting higher
And lies can be the hardest things to sell
To substitute an easy life for fire
Can make each day a gentle living hell
And he will always see the way she’s lying
She can’t pretend that either life is right
So in between each love she’s busy crying
Inside her eyes no truth can be in sight

A long black car to hide her short black dresses
A man who left his sweethearts far behind
Her painted face can’t paint out all her stresses
The boy from school is all that’s on her mind
A hotel bed is perfect for deceiving
The man she’s with knows he is not the one
But he’s prepared to pay so she’s not leaving
It isn’t love but even so it’s fun

Another day another hotel bedroom
The lies are now the other way around
This time her love is given lots of headroom
But self belief is lying on the ground
He knows that she is happy when she’s lying
And he’s in love pretends he doesn’t care
When she’s away he spends his nights in crying
He wants a love he doesn’t have to share

She knows one day the time will come for choosing
A time when all the lying has to end
But every time she wins she’s really losing
Who wants to win a prize and lose a friend
The telephone brings her another booking
Another night with just another man
And all the time her foolish lies are cooking
Which he’ll believe for all the years he can

Author notes

The Eagles, Lyin’ Eyes.