Poetry by Jeff Green


Lonely Road

by cricketjeff on October 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She is sitting contemplating, with her music and her dreams;
Hearing words that aren’t in lyrics, and her own infernal screams.
While she’s singing to a dance tune there are pictures in her mind,
Of the places she would go to and the love that she would find.

She is sad as well as happy, all alone and in his arms,
While the road leads out past nowhere and the vast untended farms.
Has she thought about tomorrow and the yesterdays inside
As she drives in time to music with the pain she cannot hide.

You can’t drive away from hurting, you can’t drive away from time;
If you run towards you’re winning, but to run away’s a crime.
Sometimes she says she cannot see him, though she’s always in his view;
You can’t be alone and running, in the end, you’re there with you.

Country tunes she sings along with, paints today inside her head,
Now she’s tired of all the driving heading home to go to bed.