Poetry by Jeff Green


Friday evening philosophy

by cricketjeff on October 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The early morning drizzle washed away the dismal grey
And left me with the remnants of a lovely sunny day
The last late summer swallows fight for roosts on still green trees
While roses in the park are quite unbothered by the breeze

The working week that’s ended is now fading from my mind
And weekend occupation isn’t ever hard to find
Two days when I alone decide the things I want to do
That’s why I’m walking in the park and writing this for you

The evening drawing closer as the sun begins to slide
Making silhouettes of buildings as she tries to run and hide
I’m heading home to tea and toast a book to read in peace
An hour or two of fantasy can bring a sweet release

I’ve friends to see and family and time to laze away
Who needs a plan of action to enjoy a Saturday
Then Sunday spreads her gentle arms that soothe away all pain
Until you wake with shock to find that Monday’s here again!

Author notes

Started this on Friday last week, I think the final swallows have gone now.