Poetry by Jeff Green


The dozen deep red roses

by cricketjeff on October 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just a dozen deep red roses on the sill beside the door
Make me dream about your perfume and the life I still want more
They are beautiful and tear-filled doomed to slowly wilt away
But my love will be unending while the wind makes rose stems sway

In those dozen deep red roses are the words I never said
All the happy hopes and loving that I kept inside my head
And the roses that I bought you show a mocking silent face
To a heart that’s torn and broken now you’ve found another place

There’s no dozen deep red roses that could change the simple truth
I forgot to show my feelings as I cast away my youth
Every day I knew I loved you but I kept it to myself
Just a fool who left emotions neatly stacked up on the shelf

But my dozen deep red roses will be there until they die
Then another dozen roses will be there to make me cry
In my heart you’re all the roses you were all I ever saw
In the dozen deep red roses on the sill beside the door

Author notes

Before anyone asks, it is fiction.