Poetry by Jeff Green


Arise Sir Oliver

by cricketjeff on October 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Oliver was born to be a brave explorer
Without fear he leads his loves across the floor
Angeline his wife and lifelong sweet adorer
And their daughter Jess who loves him even more

They have packed up all their valuable possessions
Looked at maps and studied stars all through each night
Left their friends with love and heart-rending confessions
As the three of them head boldly out of sight

There are rumours in the world of creepy crawlies
That the world is flat and they’ll drop off the edge
But these three are modern day Sir Walter Raleighs
They’ve set off to find the legendary ledge

Will they gain their weight in gold and silver treasures
Or at any rate in fresh new hosta leaves
Find the avenues to ancient Aztec pleasures
Or the cabbages that grow next door at Steve’s

They must find a way to shelter from the song thrush
Expeditions on this scale all carry risk
So they spend the day beneath an aging yard brush
And at night their moves (for snails) are very brisk

After nights and nights of hard unending sliding
They discover they’ve unearthed a brave new world
Where they spend the time excitedly deciding
Should they go back home where plants are tightly curled

The decision reached by Oliver the leader
Is head back home to see his favourite aunts
One’s the Queen and may well happily concede a
Monopoly to grow these new tomato plants!