Poetry by Jeff Green


My kind of thing

by cricketjeff on October 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There is beauty in the choices of a sweet poetic word,
A metaphor that makes a poem sing;
But surely at the base of it, it cannot be absurd
To pay as much attention to the ring?
There are poets who can make me sigh without a hint of rhyme
But Ogden Nash and Kipling do it every single time.

There is wonder in the brevity of some poetic wit,
There is beauty in the thoughts that lie behind
But we all know that perfect flow can make the phrases fit
Inside a tighter pocket in the mind.
There are poets who have meter in their blood but not their verse,
Would making every line divine make any poem worse?

There are many ways to strive toward a pure poetic dream,
Free verse can often show us all the way
But I am born a worshipper of words that form a stream
I’ll swim in sounds until my dying day.
So though the best I’ll ever read may miss this purest art,
It’s rhyme that fills my dearest thoughts and meter fills my heart.