Poetry by Jeff Green


After the clocks go back

by cricketjeff on October 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m walking home in darkness cursing queues of noisome cars
All filled with workers wanting to be gone
Above us there’s a silver moon and sprinklings of stars
The night has put her finest jewellery on

A gentle breeze makes mischief stripping trees of golden leaves
To make a crunching carpet for my feet
While flashing lights of aircraft seem like fairy make-believes
A fantasy played out along the street

A solid wall of silence as I turn to cross the park
Too little light for dogs to chase a ball
But teenage boys are hopeful of a cuddle after dark
The girls they’re with are not impressed at all

The streetlights play with shadows that arrive then disappear
Four insubstantial echoes of the seasons of the year