Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on November 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There was laughter through the daytime, there were kisses after dark
They were rivals during playtime but were partners in the park
She was fifteen he was sixteen but she knew a whole lot more
They’d been friends since they were babies now she wanted him to score

Friday nights spent at the pictures where the films were by the way
And despite her father’s strictures she was first to start the play
She was there when he played football and admired his tight white shorts
She was not a fan of ball games but of other sorts of sports

She would sneak up to his bedroom when his parents didn’t look
Or they’d moan of lack of headroom in some secret little nook
She had planned a birthday present they were both within a week
Now she wouldn’t stop at touching and a furtive stolen peek

I would like to say the party was as perfect as a dream
He was rather over hearty and she couldn’t help a scream
But she wasn’t too unhappy things got sweeter day by day
Every sportsman gets more skilful every time he gets to play

Twenty years ago they’re boasting was the night he earned his spurs
And between them they are toasting this successful scheme of hers
Since the fumbles turned to loving things are better every time
Though she’s bloody cross she waited until love was not a crime!

Author notes

Pure fantasy I’m afraid, I do love a happy love story at bedtime!