Poetry by Jeff Green


I never use irony

by cricketjeff on August 31, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m English, we always say what we mean
Irony just wouldn’t work, a poet is just a machine.
I think I can illustrate my point, suppose a leader should say
“I am always right for God tells me so and you must instantly obey”
No Englishman would ever reply, with word of ironic bent
“We’ll all hurry along, and follow your cue, we know you know what’s meant”
In England you’d never hear anyone say
When it’s pouring rain “It’s a Lovely Day”
We don’t tell a fool “That’s a marvellous plan”
As we watch him get injured while eating a can.
This poem for instance is totally true
So I can’t write about irony, even for you.