Poetry by Jeff Green


To and Fro

by cricketjeff on November 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A pretty rose is riding off to stay
Inside our little secret hideaway
But no-one else can find our hiding place
So we can spend a lifetime face to face

We’ll settle down to drink a cup of tea
And write each other love in poetry
The words will flow like water in a stream
Our hideaway can be a perfect dream

So close your eyes and I will be there too
I want to find our hideaway with you
The two of us can settle down inside
The perfect place where lovers want to hide

There is a world beyond forbidden eyes
the colours of a dreamers sweet disguise
discreetly hidden from the other’s view
as naked lovers under skies of blue

No one can stop this innocent foreplay
As heated kisses carry all away
Two lovers lost in passion’s to and fro
With secrets only they will ever know