Poetry by Jeff Green


Tall tales of a long life

by cricketjeff on November 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We bought ourselves a pony when the baby came along
She learned to ride before she learned to walk
The pony was a small one but she seemed quite fit and strong
She learned his name before she learned to talk

But next we had the triplets and the pony wouldn’t do
With four on top the pony would be full
So we went to see the breeder and he offered something new
A breed of horse that he’d designed to pull

Another set of triplets and we wondered how to cope
A scientist said splice some DNA
We didn’t find it tricky just like tying knots in rope
And so our brand new hoooorsie came to stay

We rather overdid it so we had to have some more
A set of twins and then another one
If mother were to tempt to a romp upon the floor
I’m not too sure I’d give in to the fun

How could we find another who could fit our family
Since steeds like these will never grow on trees
We better stop expanding we’ve enough for mom and me
Tonight we will make do with just a squeeze!