Poetry by Jeff Green


All that you should be

by cricketjeff on November 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Be all I ever wanted, be a puppet in my play,
Be happiness, be laughter, be a song.
You’re a storm on Summer mornings, you’re a sunny winter day
And nothing that you’ll ever do is wrong.

At times I want to own you, be the master of your strings
And then I want you standing by my side,
You’re a tiger who’ll defend me, you’re a hummingbird on wings,
I’ll scoop you up then run away to hide.

Be sunshine when it’s raining, be a shower in a drought,
Be there when I am feeling all alone.
You’re the train when I am waiting, you’re my coat when I go out,
I see you when we’re talking on the phone.

Be everything I hope for, be the icing on the cake.
Be mine and tell me all that I should do.
Be the answer to my questions, be an aspirin when I ache,
Be beautiful and most of all be you!

Author notes

Just a jumble of thoughts