Poetry by Jeff Green


Jack Tiger

by cricketjeff on November 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Jack Tiger had the largest cave in Ug Lug by the sea
He painted mammoths on the wall and hunted fearlessly
With wooden club and big stone axe he never had to hide
A giant wolf called Foxy always hunted by his side

Jack Tiger back in Roman times could sit and eat all day
Then head off to the circus where the animals could play
A chariot to ride to work and slaves to cook and clean
He has to dress up smart tonight, a party for the Queen

Jack Tiger was the bravest knight who ever road a horse
In metal shirt and trousers and a metal hat of course
He fought all kinds of dragons with his sword and with his lance
Then saved a passing Princess every time he had the chance

Jack Tiger drives a train all day with clouds of steam and smoke
The fireman shovels in the coal and then they share a joke
The trucks are full and bump and bang the engine’s working hard
Jack keeps them going steadily and whistles for the guard

Jack Tiger wants to learn to fly he’s built an aeroplane
It’s made of string and canvas and it’s slower than a train
But Jack is brave and very soon he’s flying off to town
And when the engine bangs and smells Policemen start to frown

Author notes

A work in progress, Jack Tiger is a friend’s son, he has just started school.