Poetry by Jeff Green


Beat the Block

by cricketjeff on November 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My recipe for writer’s block
Is give the bloody curse a shock
Though every thought you have’s a crock
Just write it

Don’t have to let the other’s see
But you must fight the misery
Though it’s as trite as ABC
Still write it

Retell the tale of Peter Pan
Or write about the bogey man
Don’t think about a story plan
Just write it

There’s not a thought that you can use
No tiny spark you won’t refuse
Pile dynamite beneath your muse
Ignite it

A list of things you need to buy
A list of games you want to try
Or trash that makes you wonder why
You’d write it

The only way to beat this curse
Is write some prose or write some verse
A Limerick or something worse
Just write it

Soon thoughts to write will form a queue
Just pick the one that’s fresh and new
Then do that thing you love to do