Poetry by Jeff Green


The finest of all forms

by cricketjeff on November 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Limerick’s best when it’s naughty
Not arrogant distant and haughty
Its meter just fits
Any thoughts about tits
And girls who are friendly and sporty

A sonnet for love can’t be beaten
It sings of the nectar you’ve eaten
But comical lust
And this form is a must
With plenty of punning to sweeten

An ode when the battle is raging
Free verse when the protest’s rampaging
But when you’re love making
Unless I’m mistaking
A limerick’s well worth the staging

Take pantoums sestinas and rubai
Or all of the rest folk like you buy
When we get action
And pleasure extraction
A limerick’s better to screw by!