Poetry by Jeff Green


The nameless dragon

by cricketjeff on November 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a dragon sat in Ealing very sad without a name
For a dragon being nameless is the source of endless shame
So his friends have called a party, everybody will be there
And our hero will be christened with a badge to match his flare

It will need to be a brave one, but reflect his softer side
Dignified but not imposing or all visitors would hide
When at last he isn’t nameless he will spread his mighty wings
And be off to scare the district like a fire-storm on springs

There was Smaug the great and golden who sat on a stolen hoard
And who burned a local village when fed up or feeling bored
There was Meriadoc Moonlight who flew far amongst the stars
And who chased ten thousand brigands like an army of hussars

Also Mandalord the miser and his son the evil Granck
Silver Cedric King of mischief who just loved to play a prank
I could mention many hundred from the mountains of the world
But these days most keep their secrets and lay very tightly curled

All throughout the middle ages dragons roasted noble knights
And they feasted as they fancied while destroying local sights
But the modern breed of dragon’s really rather civilised
And they never put a maiden through the tortures they’ve devised

They may eat a passing taxman, burn a burglar where it hurts
And they’re known to stir up wind gusts that can lift a lady’s skirts
But when all is done and dusted and you’re looking for a friend
Get a dragon in your garden and your woes are at an end

Author notes

I am just off to a “Dragon naming ceremony”, My eldest nephew commissioned a dragon to mark his parent’s (My sister and brother-in-law) thirtieth wedding anniversary and the family are off to meet him and bestow a name on him.

The dragon has been well launched, the name “Smok Wawelski” was chosen by a landslide vote, it is the name of a famous dragon from Polish folklaw (My brother-in-law is Polish).