Poetry by Jeff Green


The dangers of eating ice-cream

by cricketjeff on November 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

They were sitting eating ice-cream when she looked into his eyes
      Saw a sparkle that she’d never seen before
They’d been friends since wearing nappies sharing gurgling and cries
      But suddenly she noticed something more

He was thinking Toffee Ripple is a taste to give the gods
      When he noticed she was not a little girl
They’d been best of friends forever sharing all their odds and sods
      Now he found his world descending in a whirl

While the sun considered setting in a blaze of sky-blue-pink
      They were each aware of something very new
He was shy and rather awkward but she’d just begun to think
      “When it comes to boys, you know, I think he’d do”

He sat licking very slowly, just a reason not to speak
      While his eyes saw she had grown in eighteen years
She was busily not standing as her knees felt very weak
      And she didn’t want to show him all her fears

When at last the bowls were empty and the sun worked overtime
      There were impulses they couldn’t hide away
When a kiss is full of passion (hints of toffee and of lime)
      There is not a lot the kissers need to say

Even now there are no changes they love kisses and ice-cream
      And their children are out eating with their friends
While these sweethearts still can’t fathom what first tempted them to dream
      And do sweet unhurried love songs have no ends

Author notes