Poetry by Jeff Green


I only asked!

by cricketjeff on November 17, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The World’s not painted black and white, with edges well defined;
The closer that you look at things the more there is to find.
A field of snow is pure and white, each snowflake though is clear;
A brand new car could seem quite cheap, a chocolate bar too dear.

I’ve thought about a beam of light, all colours making none;
Then later I’ll enjoy the sight of rainbows being spun.
A spider seems a monstrous thing, although it’s very small,
And stacked against a cuddly bear it’s hardly there at all.

The stars are gems you want to hold, too hot to understand;
A heavy cold and every spice is flavourless and bland.
The Moon will fit beneath your nail but men stood on her face,
And almost all you think is you, is made of empty space.

The details of the quantum world are weirder than a dream,
With particles that change to waves, you feel the need to scream.
A cat is both alive and dead, a photon here and there,
While gravity defies the rules but still is everywhere.

All questions answered lead to more, the more we know the less;
What seemed a simple game of snap turns into 4D chess.
But still when I look out at dawn I see a magic scene,
A billion trillion molecules sit beautifully serene.