Poetry by Jeff Green


Throughout the year

by cricketjeff on November 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As Winter wind emerged from Autumn breeze
I found a cure for ice-cold lonely nights.
The thin sunlight that only seems to tease
Was bright enough to show me your delights.

The silhouettes of trees suggested death
But I found life and laughter in your eyes.
The Winter chill that lets you see your breath
Makes clouds of joy from new-found lover’s sighs.

We sampled love beside a roaring fire
And tasted hope in sips of ginger wine.
A fall of snow can’t blanket out desire
And underneath its carpet you were mine.

On cold, dark days the blackbird learns to sing,
While Winter frosts soon melt into the Spring.


While Winter frosts soon melt into the Spring
A Winter love does not soon fade away.
Returning sun brings life to everything
And we were more alive on every day.

The roadside banks soon filled with daffodils
And clearings in the woods turned bluebell blue.
The year grew up presenting me with thrills
Such pretty scenes that I could show to you.

We skinny-dipped in one still icy stream
And held each other close while getting dry.
I found in you the answer to a dream
And knew that I would never say goodbye.

As everything in nature’s having fun,
Warm days of Spring turn hot in Summer sun.


Warm days of Spring turn hot in Summer sun
And you and I found heat in other games.
We walked though life ignoring everyone
And only heard each other’s secret names.

I took you to my dark green mountainsides,
I showed you all the places I had been.
We found the parks where England’s beauty hides,
Made love in places only gods have seen.

The best of weather brings the best of love,
The best of you brought out the best of me.
While larks sang songs of love from high above
I spoke to you in gentle poetry.

The story of the year is almost told
When Summer’s greens first turn to Autumn gold.


When Summer’s greens first turn to Autumn gold,
The trees are graced with something new to say.
Before the nights have started turning cold
They give their new found treasure trove away.

When morning mists give way to golden light
And fallen leaves start crunching underfoot.
It’s time to hold your lover very tight
And watch the nights start turning black as soot.

With blackberry-and-apple pie to eat
And hedgerow fruits to pick as we walk by.
It isn’t only you that keeps me sweet
Both you and they are easy on the eye.

I held you close between the shedding trees
As Winter wind emerged from Autumn breeze.

Author notes

A “crown” of Shakespearean sonnets. A crown can be any number of sonnets with linked themes which are also linked by reusing the final line (or lines) of one to start the next. The final sonnet links back to the first.