Poetry by Jeff Green


The wrong side

by cricketjeff on November 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The World’s a hard and unforgiving place
For those who walk down some ill tended roads
There are some truths impossible to face
Some folk must bear the heaviest of loads

You can’t do more than give a child the best
You can’t kiss every injury away
You show them love and hope they’ll learn the rest
But other voices often have their say

If you have gods you pray to understand
If not you have to find it out alone
The life we lead’s not pre-ordained or planned
You plant the seeds but can’t control what’s grown

The best advice seems far too trite and thin
To love the sinner while you hate the sin

Author notes

A friend of a very close friend found out that the grandson she raised committed a gang related murder after leaving to be with his mother.

Child on child violence, and at 16 or 17 they are still children is so shockingly painful.