Poetry by Jeff Green


Winter sunshine

by cricketjeff on November 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Is anything as pretty as a sunny Winter day
If you would walk beside me through the trees
I’d hold your hand and giggle at the things you do not say
Then stop to kiss your lips and have a squeeze

Is anything as warming as my hands inside your coat
The chilly breeze now leaves this secret place
Your hands begin to tickle as my teeth graze on your throat
Till I lean back and gaze into your face

Is anything as special as a moment in your arms
When I can watch the daydreams in your eyes
The chance to hold you closer and experience your charms
And dream about a future full of sighs

Is there anything as thrilling as a night inside your bed
When all you have is there for me to own
Too bad this story’s only going to happen in my head
It’s sunny but I’m seeing it alone.