Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on November 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Then he kissed her on the fingers and gazed up into her eyes
Found the strength for final whispers in the last of lover’s sighs
“Will you laugh when I’m forgotten, will you still make Summer smile,
You were never meant for sadness and I held you for a while”

It was bright inside that bedroom as they walked across a field
To the tree where he first kissed her and their happiness was sealed
Then a Christmas seemed to open when their children had been young
As she held his icy fingers he heard songs their daughter sung

On the beach that year in Eastbourne building castles on the sand
And the handle on the cupboard where young Simon learned to stand
Didn’t notice that these pictures soon began to fade to grey
He was happy as he held her and his spirit slipped away

When the nurse at last stood forward offering a cup of tea
She had not the strength to take it or to pull her fingers free
There were tears and gentle sobbing she had lost more than he knew
Every day they spent together her devotion to him grew

But she laughed without forgetting and she made the Summer smile
For they’d never wanted sadness and she’d held him for a while