Poetry by Jeff Green


I just love you.

by cricketjeff on November 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Are there dandelions and daisies on the grasslands of your mind?
Is a buttercup undreamt of on the pastures that you find?
Do you spend your life with bluebells? Are there mushrooms in your wood?
I need beauty in my chaos, not things growing where they should.
Would you prune the one red rosebush in a bed of pink and white?
Do you grumble when your cooking turns out tasty but “not right”?
Are your books arranged by colours, all the red and then the blue?
I like things a little jumbled, I like questions, I love you.

Are there shipwrecks on your seashore, are there ruins in your town?
Are the leaves all green and shiny or are some a little brown?
Do you wince when a trombonist plays his second shaky note?
I like things a touch imperfect, I like sheep that love a goat.
If I call for you one evening would you check my tie was straight?
Would you flounce off and forget me if I were just ten minutes late?
Would you think this poem nasty if I miss a single rhyme?
Or accept that though I’m crazy, loving you is not a crime?

I have dreamt you on my mountains, skimming stones across the lakes,
I have watched you growing bolder and those changes aren’t mistakes.
You aren’t who I fell in love with, you are different now, you’re more —
You aren’t pampered, pure and perfect you’re the girl that I adore.
You’re my poppy in the cornfield, you’re my oak between the firs,
You’re my unexpected pleasures, you’re a little dog that purrs,
You’re a perfect four-leafed clover, you’re a bluebell that’s not blue.
You are all that no-one should be and that’s why I just love you.