Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s time to go

by cricketjeff on November 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s never any need to be with those without respect
Abuse in any form’s beyond the pale
You do not need to stay to face the pain that words inject
It’s time to pick up sticks and leave your jail
How can you find the strength to heal without a loving crutch
To wake up every day to hate is asking far too much

You can’t afford to turn your cheek to those who will not see
The damage that their verbal barbs can cause
It’s time to pack your bags and leave it’s time that you broke free
So walk away and you’ll hear our applause
Until abusers have to face the damage that they do
They won’t reform and carry on abusing folk like you

So listen to my heartfelt plea don’t waste another day
Before the words turn into something worse
Those people who hold hate inside have far too much to say
This verbal hurt is such a dreadful curse
You have to find a place to go where you have time to grow
A place where pain and injury aren’t all you have to show