Poetry by Jeff Green


The bus fuss

by cricketjeff on November 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A blue hippopotamus kicked up a fuss
When buying a ticket to ride on the bus
The tiger conductor said he’d have to pay
In chocolate pennies to travel today

The elephant snorted when told of these rules
And hotly declared that all striped cats are fools
The lions responded that stripy or no
No pachyderm bully can treat a cat so

The fuss and commotion got fiercer until
The driving gorilla weighed in with a will
Then all of the passengers sat down to wait
And see who would win in this foolish debate

They argued and squabbled like men in the house
Some roared like a dragon some squeaked like a mouse
No answer looked likely the bus would not move
An old politician would surely approve

But after an hour with the fur set to fly
The whole thing was ended with one steady cry
Now Daniel stop playing and listen to me
The toys go away now it’s time for your tea!