Poetry by Jeff Green


Bloody Monday Mornings!

by cricketjeff on November 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s miserable and wet and early morning —
The telephone was ringing off the hook.
I answered it while I was busy yawning,
Then promised I would go downstairs and look.

The daily run at work was full of errors,
So something hadn’t worked the way it should!
It’s NFS, that worst of network terrors,
And six am on Monday’s never good!

It only took a little while to fettle,
A second run was getting under way.
A call to arms had put me on my metal
A bloody awful way to start the day!

There’s only one good thing in this for me,
A least I got a morning cup of tea!

Author notes

NFS is a “Network File System” a way of allowing many computers to share disk space, Fettle may not be a term you know, it means “to mend” or “to make ready” and is very common in parts of Northern England but seems to have gone from normal usage elsewhere.