Poetry by Jeff Green


Herakleion and Canopus

by cricketjeff on November 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Herakleion and Canopus, looked proudly out to sea
Two cities famed as beauties far and wide
Their temples and their libraries examples to the free
Their wealth and power could not be denied
Yet now no people walk their streets they’re cities of the deep
When Mother Earth had had enough she put them both to sleep

The people prayed to many gods and thought they were secure
The mighty Nile brought trade and not despair
I’m sure their priests were honest men told all they should be pure
But seas and rivers simply aren’t aware
So now no people go to pray in temples under waves
When rivers move men don’t approve but praying seldom saves

It’s divers now who see the sights that once were there for all
As fish and crabs now own the homes of men
The arrogance of ancient Kings was leading to a fall
Who can’t believe we’ll see this tale again
We warm our World with CO2 and soon enough there’ll be
More cities built by mighty men asleep beneath the sea