Poetry by Jeff Green


I wonder

by cricketjeff on December 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wonder if you’d let me run my fingers through your hair
And tip your head to let my kiss your lips
I’d search inside your eyes for all the love you have to share
While tracing out your spine with fingertips
I’d pull you ever closer whisper nothings in your ear
I wonder if you’d tell me that the prize I want is near

I wonder if your buttons would undo without demur
If you would try to do the same to me
The feeling of your breathing would be soft as rabbit fur
While I felt for the parts I’d want to see
I’d hold you for a lifetime as I brushed across your skin
I wonder if your movements would be promises of sin

I wonder if when naked you would lie beside my side
While I caressed the openness of you
Then would you offer sweetly all that I have been denied
And make the oldest storyline seem new
I’d love you for forever ’til my life became your dreams
I wonder if your happiness is quietude or screams

I wonder if you’d love me as a master or a mate
Or maybe not a lover, just a friend
I’d love to work your feelings to the highest human state
I’d also love a chat without an end
I’ll always keep you with me in the centre of my heart
I wonder if you’ll ever let me play a central part