Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on December 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When you waken from a daydream unaware of what is real,
For a moment you’re uncertain of the passions you should feel.
Still in love with some sweet phantom, disappointment that’s she’s gone,
Or a sort of strange confusion at the items you have on.

When you’re dreaming she is with you and her touch can’t be denied,
When you’re conscious pure perfection only lives far down inside.
Life would be seem to be far sweeter if we had the power to choose —
Living every day in daydreams or awake and drowned in news.

When your head is on your pillow, and you’re far away from bed,
Drifting on across an ocean that exists inside your head.
You may feel a sudden panic that your dream is just a dream
And you wake up feeling manic barely stifling a scream.

There are places you can hold her, you’ve a secret hideaway,
And when work becomes too painful close your eyes and start to play.
If your dreams are more than mirage, if they may one day come true,
She is sitting down and dreaming that’s she’s far away, with you.