Poetry by Jeff Green


His and hers.

by cricketjeff on November 19, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Who is standing by the door
Rippling muscles six foot four
The sort of man that I adore
I want him

    Who’s that setting me a test?
    Middle thirties, lovely chest!
    Although her smile’s what I like best
    I’ll take her

Work my way across the bar
He’s better close than from afar
I wonder if he came by car
I need him
    her eyes say all I need to know
    You cannot miss the way they glow
    A welcome smile I better show
    I’ll own her

His smile could make me melt away
I grasp the table else I’ll sway
I’m up for any game he’ll play
I want him

    Firmly grasp her by the arm
    Keep My voice quite firm and calm
    she’s a victim of My charm
    I own her

Guided out into the night
Why is it I feel no fright
I stare at him by evening light
I need him
    To My home I’ve brought her back
    Hold her arms behind her back
    her lips succumb to My attack
    I have her

To His home and lead inside
Whatever He wants won’t be denied
But now I find my arms are tied
I fear Him

    Ropes to hold her still for fun
    The evenings games have just begun
    If it turns out she’s the one
    I’ll keep her

I cannot speak my mouth is gagged
I cannot see my head is bagged
I cannot move my legs are snagged
I  fear Him

    Cut away the clothes she wears
    Shall I shave her pubic hairs
    I love it when a victim bares
    I’ll shave her

Cold and wet what can I feel
Upon my skin the press of steel
I can’t believe that this is real
I’m with Him

    Smooth as silk, and hot and wet
    It seems this lady’s ready yet
    It seems that she’s the perfect bet
    I want her

Hard and fast He enters me
My body’s tied my mind is free
Though i’m blindfold i can see
i own Him!

    Never will I let her go
    I’ll keep her for My private show
    she’s the girl I have to know
    I’m in her

Captured by the bonds of lust
No need to think of love and trust
Surrender is my only must
i’m for Him

    Perfect feelings, perfect life
    An end to living by the knife
    she’ll be My slave she’ll be My wife
    I need her

Now i’m tied up every night
i never feel an ounce of fright
i lust for Him with all my might
i won Him!

Author notes

I won a contest and the judge (WillAlwaysLove) asked afterwards for a poem to match a fantasy. This isn’t a fantasy of mine, but it is an interesting challenge to write from two points of view you don’t hold. No idea if it is any good.