Poetry by Jeff Green


The Village Shop

by cricketjeff on December 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There is “dandelion and burdock”, on a shelf, inside the door
And the worst of Rupert Murdoch — spread in heaps along the floor.
Smell the bread by Dave the baker and the cakes by Jess his wife,
She has always been a maker throughout sixty years of life.
There are cards of every humour and a perfect thank-you gift.
Hear the news of Martha’s tumour and of spin-Jim’s broken wrist.
Though the idiots in London took the post office away,
Mrs Jones’s little shop is here to stay.

All the children love her lollies, if they’re good they’ll get one free,
She gave Jill a brand new dolly when she cried, when she was three.
And the sausages are heaven, from the farm just down the road,
Clotted cream fresh up from Devon — on those scones I WILL explode!
Chicken soup if you are poorly, five star brandy if you’re not.
There’s a book about  “Old Dawley” and there’s ice-cream when it’s hot.
Though the nearest sub post office is about ten miles away
Mrs Jones’s little shop is here to stay.

She’s the centre of the village and knows everybody’s name,
Tells her tales of rape and pillage when the Viking raiders came;
Makes it spicy for the tourists (And for Mrs Bates’s Mum)
But more honest for the purists, when such straight-laced students come.
Gets “Gay News” for Pete and Daniel, they like “Woman’s Realm” as well,
Audrey Bunter’s King Charles Spaniel chose a bright red rubber bell.
There are forty sorts of apples all grown “not ten miles away”,
Mrs Jones’s little shop is here to stay.

Girly Mags (she won’t tell mothers), choice of condoms on a stand,
She had seven older brothers, thinks that fam’lies should be planned!
Frozen peas on Sunday mornings, mustn’t spoil the weekly roast.
Gives the Farmers weather warnings, “never wrong” her proudest boast.
If you need it she will get it, she’s the best that’s still alive.
Other places may forget it but she helps this village thrive.
She will stand behind her counter till they carry her away,
Mrs Jones’s little shop is here to stay!

Author notes

It’s not really a story so please feel free to DQ

I don’t live in a village, nor do I know a Mrs Jones, but I wish I did!!!

There is at least one small town called Dawley, near Telford in Shropshire. Mrs Jones’s shop is in another one