Poetry by Jeff Green


Dots and squiggles are hard to do!

by cricketjeff on December 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Once more I have to punctuate a verse,
And at the same time fudge a villanelle.
You wonder why I often rant and curse.

My “dot and squiggle” skills are getting worse,
And very soon I’ll prove it rather well;
Just watch me as I punctuate this verse.

In text and emails I can be quite terse;
That way the dots and commas go to Hell;
But here you’re bound to hear me rant and curse.

Perhaps it does me good if I rehearse.
If I go wrong somebody’s bound to tell
Me how I ought to punctuate this verse.

They’ll lock me up and I shall ask my nurse.
She’ll run to me each time I ring the bell,
How soon before she starts to rant and curse?

I’ve got a quid or two inside my purse,
And maybe there’s some things that I could sell.
Then I’ll pay Jim to punctuate this verse,
And never feel the need to rant and curse!

Author notes


A “fudged villanelle”