Poetry by Jeff Green


Christmas Whirlwind

by cricketjeff on December 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When he met her it was sunny, in a cold December way,
She was wrapped up in a cosy coat and hat.
But her walking had a wiggle and a most alluring sway
And he took a chance and tried to start a chat.
“Christmas shopping?” was the question, not original it’s true,
But he followed with another “may I buy a gift for you?”

She was dreaming when he asked her what’s the reason for her trip,
Wasn’t sure if he was real or in her dreams,
But she said “I do like diamonds” then she thought “Oh get a grip!”
That was taking optimism to extremes!
When he looked a bit crestfallen she was tempted to a smile,
“Or perhaps a cup of tea and we can natter for a while.”

In the café, over biscuits and a second cup of tea,
She agreed to see a film tomorrow night.
He was charming, rather witty, and there were films she’d like to see;
He was gobsmacked, but a bundle of delight.
Swapping mobiles and arrangements he turned somersaults inside,
He had asked a cheeky question and he hadn’t been denied.

There were pictures, then a dinner, then some skating on thin ice,
Took her parents and her sister out for tea.
Didn’t ask the only question that would not need asking twice,
They were happy for the moment, just to be.
Christmas morning, one small present mattered more than anything,
She had asked him for some diamonds, now she had them in a ring.