Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on December 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a waterfall of moonbeams on a cold December night
They were walking in a garden where the paths stayed out of sight
Sharing whispered words of nothing hung as clouds before their eyes
And pretending they’d forgotten all the stolen little lies

All the credit carded presents that she’d bought without a care
And his night out with his colleagues, lots of girls with nought to wear
Arguments are meant for daylight and for kitchens filled with steam
Moonlit gardens talk of romance and of lives lived in a dream

When the stars have started fading in the silver-gold of dawn
And the daisies slowly open on the carpet of the lawn
There’ll be time enough and plenty for the hard accusing glares
But tonight there’s only giggles as they head toward the stairs

Past the letters on the table, still unopened, from the bank
And the fish that cost a fortune swimming slowly in their tank
‘Cross the soft hand woven carpet shag-pile tickling their feet
To the bed where nothing’s secret and the words are always sweet

Overtime all over Christmas? No more golfing for a while
But tonight there won’t be problems just the reasons for a smile
No the money wasn’t wasted on the soft silk underwear
There are certain guilty pleasures that this pair are glad to share!