Poetry by Jeff Green


Off days

by cricketjeff on December 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Have you ever had a day when simply everything goes wrong
It’s off to Hell at high speed and it’s dragging you along
Overnight a simple problem grew one hundred thousand fold
And the people who could help will not do what they are told
When you find yourself in Pompeii and today’s volcano day
Do you wish you were a wizard who could wish it all away

Have you ever found the contents weren’t the equal of the box
Had a present that consisted of mismatched and odd sized socks
Found the spanner that you ordered fits another size of nut
And your rushing at a brickwall with your wheels stuck in a rut
When you find the monsoons started and you’re out without a hat
Do you wish you were a wizard who could end it all like that

Have you ever started writing and forgotten how to rhyme
Seen a friend you’ve missed for ages but you haven’t got the time
Woken up to welcome Sunday, found that Monday’s there instead
Spent the whole day getting nowhere when you could have stayed in bed
When the only one you’re wanting’s living half the world away
Do you wish you were a wizard who could fly to her and stay!

Author notes

I had one of those days!!!