Poetry by Jeff Green


I bought a bag of toffees,

by cricketjeff on December 9, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I bought a bag of toffees, Harry Potter and some cakes
You need a lot of sugar when a major system breaks
I ate some dolly mixtures and a bacon sandwich too
Health food is not the answer when you’ve got a lot to do

I sat and wrote some verses as my mind began to think
It’s either wads of nonsense or the pub to have a drink
And cider is appealing but the first would lead to more
Instead of making progress I’d be lying on the floor

And now at home still working I am learning how to swear
Some others wrecked my efforts taking insufficient care
I’m left to seethe and bubble like a giant pot of stew
Some days you run a marathon on roads they’ve tarred with glue!