Poetry by Jeff Green


Drinking Wine

by cricketjeff on December 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Drinking wine while dodging bubbles is a tonic for the mind;
It helps wash away the troubles that your daily life can find.
Slowly cooking under water that’s as hot as you can bear
Makes you wonder if that other life was ever really there.

Drinking wine and contemplating all the options that exist
While the room around the bathtub disappears beneath a mist —
For a while you lie forgetting that the water will cool down
And ignoring any chance that you will fall asleep and drown.

Drinking wine and writing verses on the notepad in your head,
Will do more to aid creation than your far too comfy bed.
As your toes and fingers wrinkle, and you turn into a prune,
You can write romantic sonnets of a date beneath the Moon.

When the glass of wine is empty and the water’s drained away,
You are left not quite believing life’s a game you have to play.
You feel reinvigorated waiting for the moment when
You can cast aside pretending and live in your dreams again.