Poetry by Jeff Green


Every once in half a million days

by cricketjeff on December 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every once in half a million days, the Moon and stars align,
      Nobody dies, no promises are torn;
There is magic in the morning and the weather is divine,
      The last time that it happened, you were born.

I have seen a mountain waterfall turn silver in the sun,
      I’ve lain amongst the bluebells in a wood
But there’s nothing that I’ve ever seen since fairy tales were spun,
      Compares with you, and nothing ever could.

In the years before I met you, never tangoed on a cloud
      And never knew that Moonbeams tasted sweet.
You have shown me thunder whispers, and that silences are loud,
      So now I know my life was incomplete.

In the morning I’ll see daybreak and the birds will envy me,
      Your face will be beside mine in the bed.
You’re my muse and you’re my teacher, you are all of poetry
      And I shall always keep you in my head.