Poetry by Jeff Green


While Dancers Strip

by cricketjeff on December 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

While dancers strip for men by night
In classy lapdance clubs
Still others work in dimmer light
In seedy bars and pubs

It’s not for free they do this work
But just to earn a crust
They get their pay from some poor jerk
Who satisfies his lust

To all you men who live in towns
Where such a trade exists
You have a way to lose your frowns
And exercise your wrists

You tuck a note inside a bra
Or pay before she starts
For tax collectors such fees are
A subsidy for arts

Then settle down to see the sights
The lady will provide
You cannot touch the sweet delights
That you would love to ride

And glory be to dancers all
Who give us men release
You answer such a heartfelt call
Dance on and never cease!

Author notes

To be sung, self evidently I hope , to the tune of “While Shepherds Watch”.