Poetry by Jeff Green


I write about the Moon!

by cricketjeff on December 16, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m cricketjeff a poet who’s a little fond of rhyme
And cannot punctuate worth half a bean.
I think that rhyming goon with room should be declared a crime
And everybody knows I’m really green.

I’m Jeff and I’m a cricket fan, the name should not surprise,
My surname Green is common as a pea.
I write about the game I love, the Moon and ladies’ eyes;
Then stop and have a lovely cup of tea.

I sometimes write about the Moon, OK five times a week,
A lover’s tale is always in my pen.
Whatever things I write about I always hear them speak
And then I write about the moon again.

I know true rhymes for purple and for silver and the rest,
Alliteration litters lots of lines.
I do a little free verse but I think my formal’s best,
I write about the Moon and drinking wines.

I love to win a contest and I love a pretty girl,
I’m very fond of custard, by the way.
A verse about a steam train gets my thinking in a whirl —
And then I write “The Moon that shines by Day”.

If you want teasing comments or some help to find a word
Then I’m a man who’ll happily advise.
I’ll tell you how to cut out thoughts so things won’t look absurd,
But lines about the Moon I won’t excise.

Now don’t forget the main things: that I rhyme and write with flow
And hurry back to read my output soon.
It’s late at night so I should sleep and with that thought I’ll go;
But not before I write about the Moon …