Poetry by Jeff Green


The future

by cricketjeff on December 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the winter you are springtime, you’re azaleas in bloom,
You’re a bunch of deep red roses, you are sunlight in the gloom.
When the world around is freezing you are warm inside my mind,
If I think about your laughter all the snow is left behind.

In the spring you will be summer, long hot days beside the sea,
Balmy breezes on an island washed by waves of poetry.
You are fresh vanilla ice-cream, you are candyfloss to eat,
You are all that’s hot and spicy, you are all that’s cool and sweet.

In the summer you’re my Autumn, you are rich reds turning gold,
You are apple crisp and tasty, you’re a perfect peach to hold,
You are all the flaming spectrum that New England puts on show,
You’re a sip of home made cider, you are Beaujolais Noveau.

When the days start growing shorter, you aren’t Autumn any more —
You’re a billion shining snowflakes in a carpet on the floor,
You are children owning Christmas, you are hedges jewelled by frost,
You are all the ancient magic that the modern world has lost.

Will you always be my future, just a little out of reach,
Not the girl who holds me closer but the beauty on the beach?
But at night I have my answer, you are waiting in my bed,
In the world I’m not yet with you but you’re mine inside my head!