Poetry by Jeff Green


Updating Xmas

by cricketjeff on December 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Since Christmas is near to arriving
Let’s see how the elves are surviving
They’ve made a concession
To life in recession
Sent Santa out ducking and diving

They used to make presents themselves
A years work was stacked on the shelves
But children aren’t happy
With toys they call crappy
Playstations are not made by elves

These insults can lead to angina
That illness in elves isn’t mina
They’ve given up trying
And all gone out buying
The output of factories in China

The Fat guy in red was romantic
(Or green if you’re feeling pedantic)
But though it’s artistic
It’s not realistic
And all of the work drove him frantic

The sleigh is old fashioned as well
At Christmas the traffic was Hell
So now they use others
Like Fathers and Mothers
And packages sent DHL

This year he will stay back at base
Not meeting the kids face to face
The North Pole is colder
But now that he’s older
He’s much better stuck in one place!