Poetry by Jeff Green


A popular misconception

by cricketjeff on December 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s beautiful when clean and white
And children want to play
But nothing like so fine a sight
When slushy wet and grey

A Christmas card of every tree
Beneath the stars and Moon
Can quickly turn to misery
One rainy afternoon

A snowball fight is lots of fun
When powdery and dry
But slush and ice see fun undone
If they land in your eye

Thermometers don’t tell the tale
When snowdrifts start to thaw
A hat and gloves will not avail
If days are wet and raw

Your shoes soon fill your feet soon freeze
Your socks are wringing wet
With car spray splashes to your knees
You will be colder yet

At last you find a safe route home
With spirits shot to mush
Why did you ever choose to roam
Through wet December slush

So when you dream of Christmas snow
As Bing sang in his song
There is one thing you need to know
That Crosby got it wrong!!!