Poetry by Jeff Green


I got a new tank

by cricketjeff on December 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I got a new tank for Christmas, to shoot at my daughter and sons
A small UFO to annoy them, a cricket book stuffed full of puns
A nice pair of slippers, two jumpers, some puzzles and other fun stuff
Then turkey and trimmings for dinner, I’ve eaten far more than enough.

This jigsaw’s an old map of Wealdstone a few of the roads are the same
But fitting the whole thing together’s an intriguingly difficult game
The tank fires bullets at people, but not of a kind that can kill
You know it’s the thought that’s important and murder’s illegal here still

A grandfather clock comes in kit form (the glue I will need not supplied)
I’m eating a Newberry fruit now a jelly with liquid inside
I’ve sent my new tank on a mission to rid the back garden of boats
I’m a regular culler of pirates (did I mention the tank also floats)

Enough of this nonsense this evening it’s time I was tucked up in bed
I’ll have to continue with Christmas unwrapping the thoughts in my head!

Author notes

finished at 3am Christmas day has been over for 3 hours, the very pretty Moon has set and I really need to set too!