Poetry by Jeff Green


The ups and downs of life

by cricketjeff on December 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To celebrate the season’s hundredth chilver,
The best year that the shepherd’s ever known,
He gives his wife another piece of silver
And gives his dog a tasty marrow bone.

A jacket from the London tailor Gorringe,
He likes to cut a dash on market day.
A herring bone that’s lined in glowing orange —
And bright enough to frighten birds away.

Then for his horse a set of tack in purple,
He should have guessed life isn’t like a dream.
Halfway to town he snaps the horse’s curpel
And tumbles down into a muddy stream.

A wiser man would dress in greens and browns
A farmer’s life is full of ups and downs!

Author notes

A chilver is a ewe lamb, a curpel is another name for a crupper, a strap that goes from the saddle round the horse’s rump, and Gorringe is a surname from Sussex and the name of a famous tailors shop and school outfitter.