Poetry by Jeff Green


Singing through the Moon

by cricketjeff on December 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When a softly spoken whisper meets a sympathetic ear,
While the Moon is full and silver and awake enough to hear,
She may flood the World with moonbeams, spill her magic everywhere
And the answer to the whisper will come floating through the air.
I shall walk outside at midnight on the night the Moon is full
And I’ll feel the gentle tension of her unexpected pull.
I will whisper then the passion and the hopes I hold inside;
I will wish that you would join me on my magic carpet ride.

Then perhaps you’ll hear me singing to a tune you’ve never heard
Almost quieter than silence but you’ll understand each word.
In this sweetest ever love song you will see inside my heart,
Every verse contains the promise that our souls will never part.
If you close your eyes you’ll join me, and the Moon will lead the way,
As we ride across the heavens where the stars and planets play.
She looks down on all who love her and I hope that you believe
There is magic in a full Moon that occurs on New Year’s eve.