Poetry by Jeff Green


The ghost of a story

by cricketjeff on December 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The ghost of a story hangs over the book
And wanders its way to the edge of my mind.
The spirits of legends that time overtook
Refuse to believe that life left them behind.

A man who was left on his own by a grave
And driven to madness by sounds in the night;
A knight who was foolish but endlessly brave,
A princess who died in the throws of delight.

I can’t keep away from the souls on each page,
Their lives are relived in my wishes and dreams.
I see through the hate of an old woman’s rage
And run like the wind from the innocent’s screams.

The book never closes, I’m never alone,
I cannot escape librarian’s curse.
Drawn back to the chill by an unearthly moan,
Each chapter of pain growing fright’ningly worse.

The ghost of a story hung over the book,
And slipped past the wall at the edge of my mind.
I once had a life that these ghouls overtook,
I’m locked in a legend I can’t leave behind.