Poetry by Jeff Green


My place

by cricketjeff on December 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On an early summer evening, as the day begins to fade
And the shadows of the mountains wrap the valleys in their shade.
There’s a tarn that sees the sunset and reflects the reds and golds,
Where I’d dream away a lifetime in the hidden limestone folds.

There is pleasure in the measure of each bootfall of the climb,
And the breeze from distant beaches seems a remedy to time,
But there’s nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the sight,
Of a sunset in the water as the evening turns to night.

All across the English Lakelands there appears a gentle haze,
As the day turns down the contrast on a million greens and greys,
In the West you see the waters of the lazy Irish sea
And the sunset brings the promise of your presence close to me.

There I’d sit and watch the heavens as the gentle stars appear,
Till the sky is full of gemstones and the tarn’s reflection’s clear.
When I’m troubled for the answers this is where my thoughts will stray
To the image in the water of the silver Milky Way.

I do not believe we live on in the years beyond our death,
I see no eternal future when I’ve finished drawing breath,
But if there is such a prospect I would wish my final view
To be sat beside the water of that tarn, and next to you.