Poetry by Jeff Green


Two sides to celebration

by cricketjeff on January 1, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’ll be crowds along the river as the fireworks burn the sky,
Almost half a million eyeballs watching sparks and rockets fly.
They will sing when Big Ben tells them that the year we had is dead
And they’ll dance into the small hours, when they ought to be in bed.

There are children going hungry in a land so far away
Who aren’t cheering for no reason on a chilly New Year’s Day
There are soldiers facing danger, there are farmers seeing drought
They aren’t drinking cans of lager while the louts about them shout

There are pictures on the telly from the cities of the world
Of salutes and endless cheering while a giant flag’s unfurled
I am sipping at some champagne I’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne
I’ve already had some cider and a little ginger wine

There are also sadder pictures of a world that’s seldom seen
Where the food is unnutritious and the water isn’t clean
So my champagne’s losing sparkle as I think of all those men
Who can’t spare the time to notice that we’ve started twenty ten.

Author notes

I’m not really very happy about this one, it sort of doesn’t quite say what I think I wanted it to.