Poetry by Jeff Green


Snaggleduff’s finest hour!

by cricketjeff on January 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Snaggleduff of Bondnecray
Has quite a lot to do today
He has to tidy up the bloop
His brother made while drinking soup
And curlywhiff the garden shed
Where all the flippyflaps are fed
He wants to earn some spending cash
To buy a larger Whakkersplash

He’s joined the local bayball team
And scoring goals is now his dream
He needs to have a better chance
Before he can score more than Lance
But Lance’s Whakkersplash is HUGE
Much bigger than an octapuge
So Snaggle’s working like a dree
So he will be the MVP

Now Mr Meat who deep fries fish
Knows all about young Snaggle’s wish
He pays him well to Windlewheels
To everyone who orders meals
And Mr Fish, who sells the meat
Agrees and pays to patterfeet
The steaks that everybody buys
For celebrations birthdaywise

So Snaggle works hard week by week
And by the final’s reached his peak
Since every day he’d earned his cash
He’s bought the finest Whakkersplash
He leads the team and scores and scores
The best reward the crowd’s applause
Now Snaggle’s helped them win the cup
He’s feeling awfully chuffered up!!!

Author notes

Bondnecray is nothing like your town, for one thing there is only one family of Snaggleduffs there. It is however a very nice place to live, why don’t you come and visit?